Our Favorite Kind of Website Project

Published on February 6, 2017

Here at Geek Chicago, we’re all about making the web work for you. Of course, that means different things to different people, so we go into every single project with a completely open mind, ready to listen and collaborate with our clients to create the unique final product that best amplifies their singular voice, reaches their ideal audience, and fulfills their loftiest goals.

For Chicago-based wedding and music maestros Cage + Aquarium, that meant building a sleek, modern website with tons of functionality carefully folded into every nook and cranny. We’re thrilled with the way their site turned out!

A part of Scratch Music Group, one of the largest DJ agencies in the world, Cage + Aquarium matches clients with DJs and photographers ready to elevate any event, from weddings to a craft beer launch party, with hand-picked music and gorgeous, discreet, and authentic photography.

We were excited to work with these cutting edge Chicagoans, and we knew their site had to be as “on the pulse” as their team of music and photography experts. To that end, we worked with Cage + Aquarium’s Tyler and Shelley, along with branding and design whiz Angela Carpenter, to develop a website that captured the professionalism and drive that has enabled Cage and Aquarium to score a coveted perfect score on The Knot and Facebook.  

Working with such an engaged, visionary group was part of what made the project so successful, explains our Chief Geek, Jason Finn.

“We love the company and their people - this sounds like playing politics, but it's true,” Jason said. “Tyler and Shelley started this company with passion - they strive for authenticity and quality in all they do, and it is clear in their finished product… Another reason we were excited about this project was because we got to work with one of our favorite designers in Angela Carpenter of Angela Carpenter Creative. She is talented and wonderful to work with.”

“It sounds like I'm blowing a lot of smoke here,” he added jokingly, “but I mean it.”

Cage + Aquarium’s final website is at the perfect intersection of form and function. It comes with all of the bells and whistles you could ever want on a modern website, but no element is wasted. Everything works in perfect harmony, with the ultimate goal of complete functionality and user-friendliness. A stunning background video welcomes users to the site, which also boasts:

  • Complete social media integration, including an Instagram gallery
  • A robust, multimedia-focused blog and gallery space, perfect for highlighting the photographers’ shoots
  • Intuitive lead-capture forms driven by strong calls-to-action
  • Simple navigation that carries over to smartphones and tablets for a completely mobile-optimized experience


While it was initially “a little intimidating,” Jason said, to “know how just to convey the company’s intangibles,” it was a welcome challenge. And it was made easier, he noted, by our access to the great work of the Cage + Aquarium team itself!

“Working with photographers as clients, we knew the quality of the imagery we'd have to work with would be very high,” Jason said. “That makes us look good when the product is finished.”

Check out our work by visiting their website:

Cage & Aquarium Chicago Website

Thanks again to Cage + Aquarium for letting us bring their site into the 21st century! Thanks to Angela Carpenter for her amazing branding work, and, of course, our thanks to the entire Geek team for working so hard in bringing this vision to life!

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