Gmail Could be Getting a Whole New Look

Published on May 12, 2014

Gmail is about to get a huge makeover in both form and function, it is claimed.

Thanks to some leaked screenshots published by, we're able to get a first glimpse at an all-new Gmail that Google is supposedly testing with a select group of users.

Gmail will likely get a whole new interface

Looking at the new screenshots, it is apparent that apart from a new design, the interface itself will be very different in the new Gmail.  Some would speculate the new interface looks a good deal like Google+ and the Google Now digital assistant.

Here are some other interesting potential new changes:

  • It appears that emails will now come up in an expandable and collapsible list.
  • The Gmail sidebar (containing labels, folders, Google Hangouts) is no longer visible - instead, we get a sliding menu (like Google+ and other Google services)
  • A Google Hangout drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner
  • The ability to "pin" email conversations (vs. the former "star" or "flag")
  • The ability to "snooze" emails, and then bring them back to the top of your email list at a later date

Are these changes for certain?

Nothing is set in stone at this point, as redesigns are often tested and certain aspects are omitted or altered.  Nonetheless, it is clear that Google is looking to redesign this service with the rest of its supporting services in mind.  And certainly, something rather neat is right around the corner!

View all of the screenshots here


What do you take from these images?  Do you find these changes exciting or do you have apprehensions?  Let us know your thoughts!