Gadget of the Week – GoBone

Published on November 17, 2016

Who says dogs can’t be geeks? Certainly not the makers of the GoBone, the cutting edge entertainment device built with dogs in mind.

Rather than a TV or a tablet, the GoBone is an automated toy that you can set up and control remotely – meaning that even when you’re away, your dog can still play. Shaped like a bone and made from easy-to-clean, dog-friendly materials, the GoBone flips, rolls, and moves around on its own, challenging your dog to stay physically and mentally sharp.

Feel like being a little more hands’ on? You can also use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control device, turning the GoBone into a fun interactive game. Owners can also customize their GoBone based around their dog’s unique needs, adjusting the gadget’s behavior to best suit their pup’s age, breed, and play style. Have a skittish pooch? You can also set the GoBone to “bonding mode” and let your doggo warm up to its new toy at its own pace.

The GoBone isn’t just for pup owners who want to keep their dogs entertained while they’re at work; it’s also great for perking up Fido on windy or snowy days, or for entertaining doggies who live in cramped Chicago apartments.

Ready to introduce man’s best friend to dog’s favorite toy? Unfortunately, you’ll have to sit and stay for a bit; the GoBone, which was funded through Kickstarter, hasn’t been unleashed just yet. You can preorder one now for $169, with an estimated shipping date around the holidays.

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