“Google Enterprise” Is Now “Google For Work”

Published on October 23, 2014

Small businesses are no stranger to the delights of the Google platform. Integration, cloud-based storage, and extensive means for customization are only the beginnings of what we love about Google. And it just got better still for businesses everywhere.

Google recently rebranded their old "Google Enterprise" (which includes Gmail for businesses and Google Cloud) to the much more approachable "Google For Work". Here's some information from Business Insider.

The "Google For Work" Rebrand

Currently more than 5 million businesses have "gone Google", more that 1 million Chromebooks were sold to schools in Q2 of 2014, and 64% of the Fortune 500 have gone Google. The rebrand helps to illustrate just that.

Former Google CEO and current executive chairman Eric Schmidt describes the rebrand as a way for this platform to "create a new way of doing work." The former "enterprise" branding seemed counter-intuitive to the team, as they "never set out to create a traditional 'enterprise' business." Google is endeavoring with Google For Work to directly compliment the modern-day workspace in a direct way.

Work today is very different from 10 years ago. Cloud computing, once a new idea, is abundantly available, and collaboration is possible across offices, cities, countries and continents. Ideas can go from prototype to development to launch in a matter of days. Working from a computer, tablet and/or phone is no longer just a trend—it’s a reality. And millions of companies, large and small, have turned to Google’s products to help them launch, build and transform their businesses, and help their employees work the way they live. In other words, work is already better than it used to be.

Thinking Of Starting Up or Converting?

Using a new platform for the first time or switching over to Google Work from your current system can certainly seem a bit intimidating. We can help you seamlessly merge your email and office tools into this service, or help you start up your company on this platform from scratch. Whatever your circumstance, we'd love to help. Send us an email or give us a call for more information.