Gadget of the Week – Google Home

Published on June 1, 2017

Organize your shopping list, translate it into Portuguese, and play some pump up music while you do it – all without ever having to lift a finger. That’s the amazing future promised by the current spate of AI assistants on the market, led by the Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri, and, now, the Google Home.

Whereas the Echo is a brutalist black cylinder, the Google Home is a slightly sleeker and more welcoming device, notable from a design perspective for its elegant white shell and cool teardrop shape.

Beyond its looks, the Google Home also has plenty to offer to consumers looking for a voice assistant to help around the house; you can put your Google Assistant-powered Home to work searching the web for answers or news, playing music, organizing your calendar, and, most impressively, operating your smart home systems, including Chromecast, Nest and Phillips Hue.

Have a whole family or office looking to get in on the action? Google Home also boasts support for multiple users; unlike many of its competitors, it can actually differentiate voices from one another, allowing each user to have a personalized experience and access to their own calendars, accounts, alarm settings, and more.

Ready to say the magic words – “OK, Google!” – and get to work? The Google Home lists for around $129 through a number of retailers, including Verizon, Best Buy, and Target.

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