Google Maps Keeps Getting Better With These 4 Updates

Published on October 16, 2013

The Google Maps app continues to be ahead of the game, adding 4 new travel-enhancing features. We've seen Apple pushing hard to keep up, especially with their new HopStop acquisition, but Google, especially with the partnership they made with Waze back in June, is a-waze ahead of the game. (...sorry, I had to make the joke) [Editor's Note: Boo!]

So, what has Google Maps been up to? Here are the 4 new features they've unveiled in their beta app that we're pretty excited about.

Multiple Destination Directions - Great for Couriers & Realtors!

You may remember seeing this feature some time in the past. Initially, Google stripped out this feature - but now its back. Plan out your entire travel day with the "multiple destination" feature, either by car, foot, or bike.

Multiple City Attractions - Great for Tourists!

This is a subset of the "multiple destination directions" feature, but specifically geared towards a day of sightseeing. You can add multiple art museums, theatres, churches, historic landmarks, etc. to your map. Then, you can drag and drop them into a desired order.

If you take a look into the right corner, you can preview the street view or take a photo tour of your selected attraction.

View Your Pre-booked Flight, Hotel, and Restaurant Reservations Within the App - Great for Travelers!

This is a feature that Google borrowed from its own Google Search. Users can now view existing reservations on flights, hotels, or restaurants by searching for codes or names. It will instantly show up with listed plans (provided you are signed into your Google account, of course).

Search for Upcoming Events in Locations Around You

This is a pretty cool feature. If you look up, say, the Lyric Opera of Chicago or the United Center, you can then click on the "upcoming events" tab to see what sorts of concerts, sports matches, or other assorted events will be happening there in the near future.

Users can also search more generic terms, like "sports venues", and get a broader spread of search results.