Gadget of the Week – Guard Llama Personal Safety System

Published on September 21, 2016

Guard LlamaIn many parts of the world, thieves and trespassers aren’t deterred by an orange and black “BEWARE OF DOG” sign. Instead, they’re frightened off by a much more intimidating message: “GUARD LLAMA ON DUTY.”

But guard llamas aren’t just for protecting sheep anymore. Thanks to one Chicago company, they’re now all about protecting real estate agents, students, joggers, and travelers anywhere they want to go.

And no, users of the Guard Llama system won’t have to lead a giant alpaca around everywhere. Instead, they’ll carry around a small button, easy to fit into a pocket or hook onto a purse strap or keychain. In an emergency, users just need to press their Guard Llama button twice. This automatically sends a signal to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, which in turn sends a dispatch to emergency services.

All of this occurs just about instantly, silently, and with GPS-assisted accuracy, meaning that a Guard Llama call is about 80% more effective than calling the police by some metrics. And in a truly threatening situation, wouldn’t it be easier to press one button, rather than dig out your phone, call 911, and wait for an operator?

What’s more, the Guard Llama is built with the everyday user in mind. The device is unassuming enough to sit discreetly on a keychain, but easy to access in an emergency. And while it does need to be connected to a smartphone app to work, its Bluetooth connectivity means that the Guard Llama won’t drain your battery, and should be able to communicate with a device from up to 150 feet away. Ever send a distress call by accident? Just bring up the app and enter your confidential pin to clear away the signal.

Ready to feel more protected, whether you’re showing off an open house or just wandering around a new Chicago neighborhood? The Guard Llama device and service are available for as little as $9.95 a month through the company website.

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