Have A Question for a Nearby Store? Text them with TalkTo

Published on January 7, 2014

Want to run by Whole Foods, but first want to know what their soup selection is?

Not sure if Home Depot carries an unfinished mirror?

Want to know how much scarves are going for at Old Navy?

Message TalkTo - probably one of the coolest apps that millions of stores across the US and Canada have now jumped on to.  Have a question for your local business?  No need to call up the store, simply text the store through TalkTo's app whenever you have a moment and you'll get answer directly from the app!

It works in the background so you can get your answer in the most convenient way possible - text, email, chat, or by phone.  This is incredibly convenient when you're somewhere a phone call is impractical or not an option (movie theater, loud restaurant or bar, etc.)

You can also check out the answers to other customer's questions if you so desire.

Oh, did we mention its free?  And available for download from iTunes and Google play?!

Check it out, let us know what you think!  We love it so far.