How to Boost Your Company’s Presence on Facebook

Published on July 14, 2014

Facebook can be a relatively frustrating platform for small businesses to gain a following, especially with recent changes in algorithms. It is, however, possible to gain traction by using a little bit of social media strategy with a whole lot of patience. The end product, turning fans into loyal, genuinely interested customers, is worth it.

Here are some ways to generate more genuine likes (and actual "Likes") on your Facebook business page, courtesy of Hubspot.

Optimize your Facebook Page With Search-Friendly Information

A concise, informative "About" section should be a top priority for any new Facebook business page. At a 5 second glance at your "About" section, an intrigued Facebook browser should be able to glean:

  1. What your business offers
  2. Your website URL
  3. Specific information about your business that will intrigue an audience

Search engines will be able to index this information, offer your business page as a search result to interested parties, and help attract more page traffic.

Invite your pre-existing contacts. (Customers, co-workers, friends, family, etc.)

Strengthening the relationships you have already established in real life, either via business connection or personal connection, is a great way to build up your business page from scratch. Your pre-established report will help you ask for "Likes" or reviews without any other expectations.

Invite your friends via Page Manager > "Build Audience" to invite your personal Facebook friends, share the page through your News Feed, or upload a list of email contacts to invite.

WARNING: Be careful to avoid over-promotion to uninterested connections. Try one of these strategies at a time, or different strategies for different groups of contacts, to avoid over-promotion.

Incorporate Facebook in your other communities

Have some success on other marketing platforms? Make your Facebook page obviously available to view to those followers.

Have a physical storefront? Put some stickers in your front page (with Facebook URL).
Have a blog, website, or newsletter? Use some social media plugins from Facebook to make a "Like" a 1-click step.
Have another successful social media platform? Be careful with this one, but every once in awhile, you can drop in a suggestion to check out your Facebook page for more news.

Value creates a crowd

Truly valuable, intriguing content circulates on Facebook. It is important that what you are sharing on your page consistently provides valuable content, as this consistency builds not only interest, but trust over time.

In other words, if you continuously plant seeds of value (content that invites, intrigues, and informs) over time, your readers will begin to trust that you are a company of value. It is from there that you can turn this relationship from business-reader to business-customer.

Use Facebook Advertising For Targeted Attacks

There are a couple of decent opportunities that you can pay for for specific target marketing on Facebook.

Facebook offers a "Page Like Ad" which is essentially a call-to-action for having a new audience "Liking" your Facebook page. They'll throw it up on the News Feed or on a side display ad on the right hand column next to the News Feed.

You can also use their Facebook granular targeting capabilities to help identify new prospects that would be interested in what you have to offer.

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