How to Create Contact Forms That Convert Leads

Published on June 9, 2014

So, which of you just LOVES filling out forms?
...what, no takers?

Lets face it, filling out forms is never a favorite thing for your prospective clients to do.  In fact, the wrong type a form can turn a previously curious customer or client into an exasperated one.  Sometimes, it can even make them turn off to the idea of giving you any information at all, as they close their browser in frustration.

How do you make your forms useful to you and usable for your prospective contacts?  Here are the ways that Ted Ammon at Hubspot suggests you build forms to convert actual leads.

Smaller is better.

Size matters when it comes to forms, and in this case, the smaller the better.  In fact, according to Hubspot, the optimum conversion rate, at 25% conversion, lies at 3 fields or less.  3-5 fields yields a 20% conversion rate, while it is only 15% for 6+ fields.

How do you pare down your form fields?  It may be a painful process, but make sure you get exactly what you need, with absolutely nothing extraneous.  Try to narrow down to a top 5 necessary fields that you will need to follow up with the client... and then cut it down some more.

The word "submit" won't get you submits.

Did you know that the word "submit" turns prospective clients off?  It may seem counter intuitive to avoid this word on a form, but psycologically speaking, "submit" makes a client reconsider their actions.  Instead, go with "click here" or "go" which score 30% and 25% better, according to Hubspot.

Your fields matter.

What fields you're asking for does matter to your prospective clients.  Many users don't appreciate being required to give out a phone number, for example (5% drop in lead capture).  Either steer away from that field altogether, or make sure it is an optional entry at worst.

Other fields that discourage lead generation are:

  • Asking for age (3% drop in lead capture)
  • Asking for city and state (2% drop in lead capture)
  • Asking for street address (4% drop in lead capture)

Want more information? Gain their trust.

We understand that information is power, and that there are great uses to gathering information on your clients.  However, lead capture is like nurturing a budding relationship - you've got to take it slow.  Asking for everything up front is like asking someone to move in with you while on your first blind date. 99/100 it isn't going to end up well.

So, give it some time. Gather your basic information first, let you customer enjoy the fantastic content your company has to offer for a bit, and little by little, you can start gathering more information about them to build a relationship that they're comfortable having with you.

Unsure how to capture leads on your website, or need help getting started?  We'll be happy to help!  Don't hesitate in giving us a call or sending us an email, and you'll be a Geek in no time.