How to Get the Most out of your Facebook Ads

Published on February 11, 2014

Many small business owners are curious about advertising on Facebook.  Facebook has over a billion users worldwide, so naturally, it s a platform that has an exceptional base to tap into.

There are ways to optimize your Facebook ads to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.  Facebook offers a nice variety of tools and features to tailor your reach, but how do you make them work for you?

1. Good content makes good ads

Advertisements are best displayed when they are marketing some already fantastic content.  What makes your content great will be amplified in advertisement form.  If your content is not-so-great, this aspect will also be amplified in advertisement form.

Take the time to craft meaningful content that you are going to be promoting, be it on your website, blog, newsletter, etc.  Steamfeed describes advertisements as a "tour guide, showing visitors all the cool places, sights and sounds" of your company.  Make sure they're directing curious observers to some sights worth seeing!

2. Create and use an email list for ad optimization

Facebook Ads are best optimized when they work with your own pre-existing email list of contacts.  This list is essentially a tried and tested group of contacts that are already familiar with your company and product line.  If you target these people correctly, their word-of-mouth marketing can easily take your Facebook ad experience to a whole new level of success.

The email list also allows you use designated parameters (in person contacts, contacts who have bought your products, contacts who are in your immediate area, etc) so that you can target your audience with more specificity.


3. Contests encourage participation

Contests are a great way of engaging a community that you may not have made any contact with.  However, the contest has to be relevant to your company in order to make it worthwhile in any regard.

If your company offers knitting supplies, for example, a contest for a smartphone wouldn't make much sense, nor would it appeal to the right crowd of people.  Stick to having contests that will draw types clientele that will enjoy having direct interaction with what your business offers.

4. Engage audiences after the click

Facebook ads are great for the initial click, but don't forget about what your potential clients will do AFTER they click!  Chances are, after someone interacts with your initial ad, they will check out your other platform, so make sure everything is in top working condition.  This includes readying your email blasts, website, blogs, pages, and other mediums alongside the direct link your Facebook ad is focusing on.

5. Stay on top of Facebook changes

Facebook is consistently changing options and algorithms, like their recent change to the business page status update.  Staying on top of the changes will help make your ad experience more effective as well.  Dedicate a few minutes of your day to learning something new about Facebook's experience for business pages, like learning how to better display your Facebook business page for increased viewership, and you'll be a pro in no time.

Unsure of how to start building a Facebook ad for your business?  Send us an email or give us a call, and we'll be happy to help!