How to Make an Awesome Facebook Business Page

Published on January 2, 2014

Your company has decided to make its presence known on Facebook.  Yes!  It's as easy as uploading your logo, adding a business description, and calling it a night, right?

Not quite.

The Facebook world has become increasingly sophisticated, especially if you want to generate a new customer base (which we imagine you do).  In order for your page to be noticed, shared, and liked, you're going to want to create a business page that is engaging.  Here's how to make your Facebook business page totally awesome, some information courtesy of Hubspot.

1. Be recognizable by branding your Facebook page with your Logo

When someone searches for your company, you're going to want to have the a profile picture they will associate with you.  While you and your team members may have a nice, professional photo taken of you all together, you will most likely not want to use this as your profile photo.  Instead, use your company's logo.

Why use a logo as your profile picture?  You want to be immediately recognizable by your fans when they search for you.  And, as Hubspot says, "being recognizable is important to getting found and liked -- especially through Graph Search."

Note: If you truly are the face of the company, say, as a real-estate agent, musician, or consultant, using a professional headshot is completely acceptable.

Remember to resize your logo to 160 px by 160 px before uploading to Facebook!

2. Utilize your cover photo space

Facebook gives you the ultimate graphics playground with the space for your cover photo.  Here's a place you have a chance to really capture your fans' attentions.  Make a cover photo that is appealing and eye-catching by following these guidelines:

  • Make sure your image is the right size (851 px wide by 315 px tall)
  • Leave space for your profile photo in the lower left hand area of your cover image (the profile image does overlap)
  • Center-align or right-align your cover photo image for best aesthetics
  • Concise text is better than a novel - make sure all your text can be understood with a simple glance at your cover photo
  • Write an image description with clickable links to your website or otherwise

3. Optimize your app thumbnails

The 4 boxes you see underneath your cover photo are the thumbnails for the apps on your page.  Make 'em look good!  Choose your most engaging apps to feature.  Then, you can customize the images to make them more engaging.  Here's how:

  1. Click the triangular drop-down icon next to your apps
  2. Hover over the photo you can to change, click the pencil icon, and click "edit settings"
  3. On the next screen, click "change" next to "custom tab image"
  4. You can now edit the specific image (make sure its 111 px by 74 px!)

4. Don't make a "fake" Facebook (personal) account for your business page!

Making a fake name for your Facebook business page, like, say, Gregory Geek, is a sure fire way to make your page seem unprofessional.  Not only does this go away from Facebook's terms of service, it is also confusing for clients who associate your real name with your account.  Just don't do it.

5. Consider coordinating your profile picture, cover photo, and app links

The Simpson's Facebook business page is a prime example of what a beauty a coordinated page is to behold.

Coordinate Your Facebook Business Page Elements

The profile picture is directly integrated into the cover photo, with easily legible text that is processed at first glance, and the color scheme is directly optimized into the "apps" boxes below.

Giuseppe Draicchio had another creative use of the profile photo and cover photo.  

Facebook Cover and Profile Coordination

The bottom line?

Facebook pages have a lot of room for creativity.  Go for it!  Just make sure your brand image predominates, your information is easily legible, and your design scheme is coordinated.

Questions?  Need help getting started, or editing an image?  Send us an email or give us a call, and we'll be happy to help!