How to Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Last

Published on November 7, 2014

Marketing strategies in the digital marketing world come and go. Right now we are in the thick of trends like hyperbolic headlines which capitalize on the "curiosity cap" à la Upworthy (Takei Says 1 Word Before Colbert Disintegrates Him. It's A Big One.), and "newsjacking" by quickly jumping on the latest trend to gain some quick hits on your website.

Content marketing that lasts, however, requires a long-term game in combination with the trending tactics. Without sustainable engagement, your website will quickly resemble what we know as "one hit wonders" in the music world. Don't be the 4 Non Blondes. Be Cher.

How do you establish yourself as a lasting source of useful content while still using some trends as tactics? Here are some great suggestions from Hubspot.

Identify popular content on social media

There are ways to monitor trends already set up through Twitter's trending topics area or Google Alerts on specific keywords. Better yet is social trend tool Topsy. Search keyword phrases with this tool, and relevant links, tweets, photos, and videos will surface.

This will both identify if there is current interest in a particular topic and whether or not there is interest in a new content piece in this genre.

If you're unsure what kind of keywords to search for, spend some time on social media sites and subscribe to apps like Feedly. Do some reading. See what is being talked about, and then see what stage the keyword is in via Topsy.

Create a headline which invites clicks

Now that you've found a subject worth writing about, it's time to create a headline which will entice readers. We've previously talked about the ways to craft a good headline before: keep it concise, use keywords, and adhere to some kind of psychological strategy which invites clicks.

A popular trend now, which we've mentioned above, is the "curiosity gap" - headlines that invite readers to ask, "What is this mysterious thing they're talking about?" Upworthy-style headlines almost always adhere to the curiosity gap principle (even if a bit hyperbolic).

Style content with popular voicing and images

There are a lot of ways to style your content and writing style. There are times that elevated language appeals to readers - particularly when associated with online news sources or more serious practices like law offices or doctors offices. In general, however, approachable, readable language is the current trend of blogs everywhere.

Blog readers are also exceptionally image-based. Spicing up your blog with an image or two will help gain readership.

Most importantly? Keep your value strong.

While you may adhere to some of the popular social trends to boost readership, the most important you thing you can do to create lasting popularity is to build your content with integrity above all. If your blogs provide something of actual use to the community, this should shine through above all else.

In other words, while social trends garner readership, it is unlikely that your cute animated GIF alone will sustain the trials of time. Create lasting content by providing content of substance that can be reused and reshared, regardless of the trends you use to get people to view your content.

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