How To Promote Your Facebook Contest

Published on October 21, 2015

A contest can be a great way to grow an internet audience and invite followers to take part in your marketing strategy. Once you've decided to hold a giveaway or offer prizes to your fans, it's time to start promoting! Here's how to get the job done: 

Create a Personalized Email Experience

Use your digital newsletter to reach out to your audience and introduce your contest. Talk about what inspired it, who's included, and, of course, the prizes involved. Make sure you highlight why the free product or service is useful and why it's coming from your business. 

Integrate the Contest Into Your Content

Make sure that you're also discussing the contest on your blog. If you're holding the contest for special number of days ("31 Days of Halloween," etc.), bring in a countdown to alert readers to the number of days they have left. You can recycle the content from your blog and newsletter between the two and update accordingly!

Embrace the Pop-Up

Give your audience a few seconds to get acquainted with your site, then offer some cheery information about your latest contest. Get their attention by cutting straight to the chase: What can they win and when?

Try Out a Facebook Ad

We've written about getting the most out of your Facebook ads before, and our advice still rings true:

Chances are, after someone interacts with your initial ad, they will check out your other platform, so make sure everything is in top working condition.  This includes readying your email blasts, website, blogs, pages, and other mediums alongside the direct link your Facebook ad is focusing on.

Create a Sense of Urgency Via Social Media 

Use social media to make your announcements and persuade your followers to share the contest with others. Offer convincing and urgent information about the product or service being offered, while bringing in compelling visual content with solid shareability

Sound a little complicated? 

This is where the Geek Team would love to step in! We'll help you develop and execute a personalized digital marketing strategy suited to the specific needs of your business. Drop us a line when you're ready to get started!

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