How to Stand Out on LinkedIn With Visual Content

Published on April 20, 2016

While not as ubiquitous as Facebook or as buzzed-about as Twitter, LinkedIn is still one of the most important social networks around. By providing a vital hub where marketers and other professionals can network online, users can create connections and receive tips that may turn into new jobs, new opportunities – and new leads.

And while some may still see LinkedIn as just another spot to upload your resume and call it a day, the platform offers so much more than that. If you’re not using the powerful visual and multimedia tools available on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on a fun, easy way to make yourself and your business stand out to an audience eager to connect.

Here are five visual tools sure to help your LinkedIn page really pop:

1.) Optimize Your Profile Picture

You’d be surprised how many LinkedIn users apparently don’t feel bothered to include a headshot – it’s one of the most common mistakes we see on the network.

Including a personal photo puts a face to a name and will help you stick out in people’s minds. Make sure your photo is reflective of the message you’re trying to send with your summary and the rest of your profile, and let the picture be reflective of who you really are as a person. One picture is worth a thousand words – and a thousand first impressions.

One last tip: Try to make sure the picture you upload is 400x400 pixels for an ideal fit.

2.) Add a Background Photo to Your Profile

Did you know LinkedIn now allows background images for even further customization? Like your profile pic, use the background image to send a positive first impression of who you are and what you love. Use it to promote your current company or brand, show off a side of your hometown, or give a sense of your ideal workspace.

If you have a premium account, you can select an image from the LinkedIn image gallery; if you’re uploading your own image, keep in mind that 1400x425 is the recommended size.

3.) Brighten Up Your Summary and Experience

Moving down your profile, LinkedIn also allows you to add visual and multimedia content to your “Summary” and “Experience” categories. You can embed videos, PowerPoint slides, PDF files, and photos directly into each. Simply click the “Add Media” button and find the appropriate category. You can upload files directly, or link to content hosted elsewhere (like an article on a webpage or a video hosted on a site like YouTube) by including a working URL.

4.) Make Use of SlideShare

A few years ago, LinkedIn acquired SlideShare, a content sharing platform. Now, you can use its best features for your LinkedIn profile, creating, uploading, or sharing visually appealing presentations with just a few easy steps.

After uploading to SlideShare (which is accessible under the “Interests” tab on your header), you can easily display your presentations on your LinkedIn page, giving your viewers access to content that highlights your offline design skills and know-how.

5.) Add Flair to Your Shares

If you’re already using LinkedIn’s Publisher platform (which lets you write and share content within LinkedIn itself), you know that the last three articles you shared automatically appear on your personal profile. To add some visual panache, give your Publisher articles strong header images that reflect their content and visually underscore your personality and brand.

And you don’t need to stop adding personal touches there! Remember, LinkedIn is a site about networking – and networking is always more effective if the people you’re trying to reach get a sense for your real, authentic self.

To that end, share photos – of client meetings, company outings, or special office events –by clicking “Upload a Photo” or by uploading through the LinkedIn mobile app. Any photos you add automatically appear in the “Recent Activity” section of your profile, giving your page a personal touch and visual pop. But remember, any images you upload should be work-appropriate and reinforce your professional brand, not detract from it.

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