Gadget of the Week – HYDRA SmartBottle

Published on December 1, 2016

Water bottles are unbelievably useful. They cut down on environmental waste, they keep us hydrated, and they’re easy to store and carry. But, as utilitarian and great as they are, water bottles are also… pretty boring, right?

Not anymore! Meet the HYDRA SmartBottle, the high-tech water bottle that CNET calls “the Swiss Army Knife of water bottles.”

In addition to a 20 fluid ounce carrying container for your beverage of choice, the SmartBottle has everything a biker or runner could want: The “bottle” also boasts a detachable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker with a headphone jack and FM radio capabilities, a hands-free microphone, and bright, customizable LED lights to help guide you through the dark – and make sure that you’re visible to oncoming traffic!

Even better? The SmartBottle also doubles as a portable charger for any USB device; its 4000 mAh power bank means that a Geek on the go never has to go without a fully juiced battery.

Ready to say goodbye to your bland water bottle? Looking to cut down on clutter when you head out for a jog or a bike ride? You can put HYDRA to work today – for the right price. The HYDRA SmartBottle is available in a variety of colors, and retails for about $60.00 on Amazon or the HYDRA website.

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