App of the Week – Key Ring

Published on December 22, 2016

We love loyalty and rewards cards here at Geek; we use them pretty much daily, scoring deals and memberships at everything from coffee shops to grocery stores to our local gym. There’s just one problem with these cards, and it’s that they’re plastic cards!

In an age where everything from light switches to business cards have gone digital, it was high time that membership and loyalty cards followed suit. After all, who needs plastic shells cluttering up key rings and taking up valuable wallet or bag space when there’s an entire cloud waiting to be filled with data?

Instead, take your loyalty cards into the 21st century, with the Key Ring app!

Whenever you sign up for a new loyalty or membership card, just scan the barcode or enter your account information into the app manually, and you’re all set! Now, you can pull up and scan for your rewards and deals instantly when you get to the checkout line; with your entire library of memberships at your fingertips, you’ll never forget, lose, or have to fish for a card again!

Even better, Key Ring allows you to organize your cards by favorites. You can also create and share shopping lists and reminders in-app. And beyond your membership perks, Key Ring actually helps you save before you shop. When you’re synced with Key Ring, you never have to go searching for a circular or coupon book again. Instead, just pull up the app to find the latest deals and discounts for all of your saved stores. It's that easy!

Ready to cut the clutter, save some scratch, and seriously streamline your next shopping trip? Key Ring is available as a free download for Android and iOS devices.

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