The 5 Key Words to Trigger an Emotional Response in Your Readers

Published on January 15, 2016

There are a lot of ways to craft the perfect headline for your content. We’ve told you about some of them - like evergreen marketing - before, along with ways to make your blogs and multimedia more shareable

But there are also smaller, more subtle nuances you can use to make your content even more appealing to new readers. There are a number of key words that we use every day, for instance, that are sure to trigger emotional responses – and engagement – in your target audience.

Want to know a few? Social media psychology architect Wade Harman offers one scintillating idea: When you’re writing headlines, the most powerful words to draw in readers are “the five Ws.”

What are the 5 Ws? Why should you use them in your next headlines? We’ve got a few ideas to get started. In your next title, be sure to include…


Using the word “who” in your titles is a surefire way to help grab your reader’s attention. It triggers an instant curiosity in your audience – they want to know exactly “who” you’re talking about and why. At the end of the day, social marketing is all about community; including a “who” or two makes your reader want to bring this person into their community. And what’s the best way to do this? Reading your content!


The idea of the 5 Ws is to introduce a question that your reader wants to resolve. “What” is a simple word that makes this happen: It tells your audience that there is a topic or question that is being discussed, and the best place to find the answer is in your content. As Harman puts it, by promising to deliver the “what,” you are indirectly telling your audience that “you’ve got something they need.”


Time is money! Don’t waste time! If you’re not early, you’re late!

All of these clichés are good for one thing: They prove that human beings live or die by the clock. We like to get things done, the sooner the better. By introducing “when” into your headlines, you are creating a time frame for your reader that moves them to quicker action.


“Where” brings to mind questions of location and place, and, with them, the idea of community. Put simply, all of us, as social beings, have a desire to go to where the action is happening. “Where” is also a word that triggers more personal feelings in readers; it creates a sense of belonging that will lead to interaction with your content.


By telling your readers that you know “why” something works or “why” something is happening, you are promising an immediate answer to their question. People are naturally curious; playing to this curiosity – by promising answers or by phrasing your headlines as questions – can lead to shares and may even improve your SEO.

We all want closure, and when you offer a “why” to your readers, you are creating a problem and promising a solution. Who wouldn’t want to solve their problems with a click?

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