App of the Week – LastPass

Published on October 29, 2017

We’ve already talked about LastPass a few times on this blog; as recently as a few weeks ago, we were singing its praises as one of the best password management tools on the internet.

Here’s the thing, though… LastPass is so effective, so useful, and so important to our everyday lives here at Geek, that we had to give it its own spotlight as an “App of the Week.”

After all, not a week goes by that we don’t find some way to use this ingenious password vault!

How does LastPass make our lives easier and more secure? Let us count the ways…

  1. With LastPass in place, you really only need to remember one master password, in order to access your “vault.” The app and plug-in will remember every other password you choose, allowing you to effortlessly log in an out of your accounts without breaking a sweat. You can also activate multi-factor authentication to secure your vault if you so choose.
  2. LastPass offers a password generator, allowing you to set random, nearly-unbreakable passwords whenever you first start using a login or app.
  3. The app’s password and security auditing features allow you to gauge the strength of your existing passwords, and generate new ones if you’d ever like an extra layer of security.
  4. With secure vault, your data is available off-line, meaning that being away from WiFi doesn’t have to mean losing track of your passwords.
  5. On applicable devices, LastPass offers a fingerprint scanner, allowing you to secure your vault – and all of its precious contents – with biometric technology.
  6. For teams and families, LastPass makes it easy to share passwords quickly, discreetly, and securely, either by selecting recipients or by granting “emergency access” to your information; in either case, you’ll never need to bother with risky texts or cumbersome sticky notes again!
  7. Best of all, LastPass will help you secure more than just your passwords and logins; you can use your vault to keep track of all sorts of data and private notes, including your insurance, credit card, and banking information, as well as your most private photos and audio samples.

So there! Seven reasons (plus a few extras), off the top of our heads! We’re sure you’ll be able to come up with seven more within a few weeks of using LastPass yourself – after all, this is a powerful, versatile, and endlessly useful tool, one that has gotten raves by everyone from The Verge to PC Mag.

Ready to begin securing and simplifying your digital life right now? You can get started with LastPass for free by downloading the app for your iOS or Android devices; for additional features, including additional multi-factor authentication options and priority customer support, you can upgrade to LastPass Premium for just $24 a year.

Have some experience with LastPass and want to share your story? Think there’s another password management tool out there that our team should try? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter to keep the geek speak going!