Gadget of the Week – Lowepro Urbex BP

Published on October 19, 2017

For Geeks on the go, there’s one problem that crops up again and again: what to do with all your gear!

For the guy or girl who can’t go without their devices, chargers, and data storage solutions, there’s a new, practical solution on the market. Gear-heads, meet the Lowepro Urbex BP.

This backpack is a stylish, highly functional piece of equipment with all sorts of perks to offer the diehard and everyday Geek alike. In fact, it’s so useful that one Gizmodo writer actually claims that it “cured [his] addiction to gadget bags” for good.

So what sets the Urbex apart? For one thing, it’s actually a remarkably cool-looking pack in its own right; as that Gizmodo writer notes, it “doesn’t look dorky” in the least, unlike so many of its competitors in the field.

Beyond that, the Urbex is designed with the serious gadget lover in mind: It comes in three sizes (20L, 24L, and 28L), each of which offers some sophisticated storage, including an accessory organization case; even better, the Urbex also offers an integrated “Gear Box,” an accessible storage area perfect for keeping speakers, external hard drives, power banks, and cables, without worrying about damaging or tangling them all up.

And, in addition to your technical gear, the Urbex offers plenty of options for the everyday items you want to unload from your pockets; it features a top pocket perfect for sunglasses, wallets, and other small items, and boasts an elastic side pocket for your water bottle.

Designed for everyday use but with specs that make it perfect for air travel, the Urbex BP may just be the gadget transportation solution you’ve been looking for. Ready to try one out for yourself? You can customize and purchase your own through Lowepro; models run the gamut between $99 and $150.

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