Make Your Professional Life More Efficient With Asana

Published on March 18, 2016

All the way back in 2014, we introduced you to Asana, which we called our “favorite task manager.”

Two years later, we thought it was time to talk about the powerful platform again. Because Asana has become more than just a task manager – it’s an intuitive digital workspace that boosts our team’s productivity every day, on the clock and off.

Here are four ways Asana can make your team more efficient:

1.) Make Task Management a Breeze

There is no more intuitive online tool for compartmentalizing and breaking down large tasks into actionable goals than Asana.

With its easy-to-use tools, you can easily assign tasks to yourself or your team members. Have a large project with multiple steps? Easily assign subtasks to make the workflow even clearer. You can even assign or tag subtasks to different team members, so everyone can easily see when their part of the project is due.

You can set tasks as one-off assignments, or use Asana’s functionality to make them recurring events. Not happy with a due date or need to reorganize your schedule? Drag and drop tasks to make arranging your team’s schedule – available to view in several convenient forms, including as to-do lists or as interactive calendars – a breeze.

2.) Communicate More Clearly

It’s easy for tasks and assignments to get lost when they’re shot back and forth in email chains or G-chat threads that get more clogged up than the traffic on Lakeshore Drive. With Asana, you’ll never again need to worry about losing a message in the digital clutter!

Asana’s in-app messaging will save you time, energy, and space in your inbox. Easily reach out to your entire team by posting in the “Group Conversations” thread, or start a dialogue within tasks by @-tagging your team members in comments.

Never worry about digging through your inbox or downloads ever again: With Asana, all of your conversations, comments, and even files can easily be stored and accessed in one virtual location.

3.) Set Up Reminders and Notifications

Stay on top of your to-do lists! It’s easy to set up Asana to send you daily email reminders of your most pressing tasks, highlighting the list of tasks, the projects each one is assigned to, and all of their due dates in one convenient email.

You can also get notifications about your team’s total progress on each project using the “Dashboard” feature. Once you’ve set up a dashboard for your team, you can receive occasional status updates about your team’s projects, with Asana notifying you how many tasks have been completed – and how many are left to go.

4.) Synchronization and Add-Ons Make Asana Easy to Use From Anywhere

One of the coolest things about Asana is that it truly is a cross-platform, cross-device application.

In addition to its mobile app – which makes it easy to use on smartphones or tablets for teams on the go – Asana is easy to synchronize with your preferred calendar software, meaning that the tasks you line up in Asana can be automatically set to appear in your Google Calendar. Never lose track of your to-do list again!

It’s also easy to import tasks into Asana from outside of the platform itself. You can use your email to quickly add tasks to Asana, for example. Simply email the proposed task to [email protected]. From there, Asana will create a new task in the workspace you selected as the destination for messages. The email subject will act as the task name, the body the task description. You can even include attachments and set up followers by including people in the CC field. It’s that easy!

Similarly, Asana offers a browser extension for Chrome that allows you to add tasks from any webpage at all: Just select the URL and add it as a task for later or share it with your teammates with just one click.

Is your team already on Asana? Do you have any hacks or tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you! And for more gadget and app ideas, check out our blog. Drop us a line to get the conversation started; our experienced team is knowledgeable and always eager to share our passion for geeky pastimes and digital marketing with you!

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