App of the Week – Meditation Studio

Published on May 10, 2018

Meditation is an ancient practice – and one that offers a whole lot of benefits to the modern day Geek. Countless studies over the years have suggested that meditation is a great way to relieve stress, improve focus, and even help manage chronic health conditions.

And yet, even knowing this, plenty of people just can’t seem to find the time to meditate. What if there was an app that made getting in the swing of daily meditation as simple as could be – so that you could reap all of the healthy benefits, with none of the stress?

Prepare to say “ohm-em-gee,” because that app is here – and it’s called Meditation Studio.

Billed as “a powerful solution to your problems” and “a meditation app you’ll actually use,” Meditation Studio promises to “untangle your mind,” and make meditation unbelievably easy.

To do this, the app offers all sorts of handy features. For one thing, it boasts the collaboration of more than 30 different meditation experts and teachers, making it easy for you to find the philosophy or instructor that truly works for you.

From there, Meditation Studio is your one-stop shop for all things meditation and mindfulness. The app offers collections of guided meditation experiences, in-depth training courses, the ability to set up your own “unguided” meditation sessions, and even a handy tool to help you keep track of your progress and set your schedule.

There’s a reason that Meditation Studio has been billed as a top app by everyone from Forbes to TIME. It’s easy to use, endlessly functional, and offers benefits to amateur yogis and experienced practitioners alike.

Ready to zone in on your own tailor-made meditation experience, right now? You can get started today, by downloading Meditation Studio for your iOS or Android device.

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