Microsoft’s “SkyDrive” becomes “OneDrive”

Published on March 18, 2014

Microsoft recently announced they would be changing the name of their cloud file-storing service (akin to Dropbox, Box, Google Drive).  Back in November, we highlighted the benefits of a cloud-based file storage, and detailed Microsoft's biggest competitors.

What was previously known as "SkyDrive" will soon become "OneDrive".  SkyDrive was originally released in 2007, and this is the first big shift it has experienced since that time.

Why change the name?

Microsoft ventured to change SkyDrive to OneDrive after a legal dispute with UK-based company, Sky Broadcasting.

Additionally, Microsoft intends to re-brand the name to go along with the new image - "one plan for all your documents."

"We believe the new OneDrive name conveys the value we can deliver for you and best represents our vision for the future," stated Microsoft's general manager of consumer apps and services in a blog post.  Ryan Gavin, Microsoft's general manager of consumer apps and services, said in a blog post. "Expect to be able to experience the new OneDrive soon."

200GB Storage Plan

Microsoft is giving away a 2-year 200GB storage plan for any user who buys a Surface tablet.  It will also make SkyDrive the default place to store and save documents from Word and Excel in Windows 8.1.

Check out the new site here.