Mobile Devices Used for Shopping, Now More Than Ever

Published on July 8, 2013

More smartphone and tablet users are beginning to shop through their mobile devices.  According to an article in Online Media Daily, 84% of mobile device users reported to have used their device for shopping within the past 30 days - a 5 point increase from last year.

"Mobile shopping", according to Nielsen data, encompasses purchasing a product, researching a product, finding a store, checking prices, reading or writing a review, use a shopping list, or commenting on social media websites about purchasing.

Within this percentage, gender is split relatively evenly (although women are more likely to shop online than men).  Purchasers are typically younger (under 45 years old) and earn lower to middle incomes, though high income earners are more active shoppers and make up 35% of the field.  The percentage of households with income under $50,000 a year using mobile devices for shopping has spiked, coming in at 21% - up 8% points from last year. 

According to a study done in the Pew Research Center last month, 34% of American adults own tablets, and 56% own smartphones - a majority.

What these numbers mean to us is, put quite simply, it is important for businesses to have a workable mobile presence alongside a fantastic online presence.  We anticipate these numbers to continue climbing, as smartphone and tablet technology continues to become more affordable and usable.

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