Gadget of the Week – Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Published on April 5, 2017

Do you need a cup of coffee (or four) to get going in the morning? Then you’d fit right in with the Geek team! We all make ample use of our in-house coffee machine – often, even after walking to the office with a Starbucks or Julius Meinl cup firmly in hand.

For the true java lover, no amount of money is too great to satisfy a craving for the hot brown stuff. Fortunately, there’s an incredibly useful coffee gadget that can help you really get the most out of that morning mug for just about $10.

That gadget? It’s the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for Office/Home Use, and while it may look like a hockey puck, it’s actually a remarkable little tool.

Just plug in the Mug Warmer using the included electrical cord, and then place your mug of coffee on the center of the pad once it heats up. Voila! That cup of joe will stay warmed up for hours and hours, and you’ll never need to sip on cloyingly cold coffee or trudge all the way to the kitchen again. Better yet? The Mug Warmer’s sleek design means it’s easy to transport just about anywhere.

And the reviews don’t lie! In addition to hundreds of sterling reviews on Amazon, the breakfast gurus at Extra Crispy called this Mr. Coffee gadget “the kind of coffee accessory you never knew you needed until you had it, and then, once it's on your desk, you wonder how you ever drank your office coffee without it.”

A few things to keep in mind? You will still need to get started with a hot cup of coffee; this isn’t heavy duty camping gear, and you won’t be able to heat up a stone cold mug from scratch. And with that said, it’s important to remember that, while you’re not playing with fire, the Mug Warmer does get quite hot. Keep it away from kids, don’t leave it plugged in overnight, and always be as cautious as possible when it’s activated.

Think of the time you can save by cutting back on trips to the coffee pot or microwave! Think of the disposable cups you won’t have to throw away after switching to a reusable mug! Most importantly, think of that steaming mug of coffee, ready and waiting by your side whenever you want it.

Sound good? Then it’s time to make an investment in your coffee future; you can purchase the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer for just $9.99 through Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Target.

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