App of the Week – MyScript Calculator

Published on April 27, 2016

Remember when math class meant scratching out equations long hand on a piece of notebook paper?

These days, most of us just turn to our smartphone’s built-in calculator when it comes time to calculate a tip or figure out a basic equation. But the wonky buttons and lag times on a digital calculator, while fine for a lot of tasks, don’t always lend themselves to complex equations or truly intuitive free thought.

With the MyScript Calculator app, you get the best of both – all of the convenience of writing on paper along with the instant accuracy of a calculator.

With the app, your smartphone or tablet screen works like a piece of graph paper. Using a stylus or your finger, just write out mathematical expressions by hand. From there, the program automatically converts symbols and numbers into digital text and gives you the output in real time.

Perfect for kids learning to do math long-hand or busy professionals who want the ease of scribbling dense equations without having to punch in numbers, the MyScript Calculator also features easy undo and redo features, works in portrait and landscape, and lets you instantly delete your mistakes with a few scratches.

Ready to return to the glory days of middle school math? MyScript Calculator is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.

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