New Secret iOS8 Features (and the ones Apple Told You About)

Published on June 12, 2014

iPhones and iPads are soon to see a whole barrage of new features with the new iOS8 update.  Recently unveiled at at WWDC 2014, they gave us a nice glimpse of the features to come:

  • Healthkit - This new API developed by Apple will house and monitor all of your personal health stats.  It will even take information that your hospital sends you and store it privately on your interface and give you the ability to send this information to other doctors or hospitals. The Mayo Clinic is on board with this one, among others.
  • Camera improvements - Now your camera will have a) the time lapse ability, and (developers are thrilled about this one) b) a camera application programming kit that allows for much better access to camera functions for third party app development.
  • New Photos app - The editing features on the new Photos app will be vastly improved as well, being able to adjust individual components (like brightness, contrast, exposure) with thumb sliders. Photos are also directly linked to a free 5GB of cloud storage (which can be increased by plans that start at an extra $1 a month)
  • Handoff - Working on something on your iPad and then switch to your Mac?  No problem with Handoff - they speak to one another so that you can keep going where you left off.  Nice!
  • Text Messaging and Call Integration - The integration between phone and computer are awesome - now take a call on your computer with the new integration techniques.
  • Notification improvements - Improvements were made to the notification center so that you can answer a text directly from your lock screen, for example, or accept/decline an invitation by a simple swipe. 

To read up on all of the improvements Apple introduced in their presentation, check out Gizmodo's article.

But what DIDN'T Apple tell us?

There are a nice assortment of features that Apple didn't originally bring up in their presentation, but ones that we find pretty awesome.  Here are some behind-the-scenes previews that they didn't mention:

  • The app store is a whole lot smarter - Your Wish List doesn't simply sit in the background with this new update.  It will remember which apps you have indicated you wanted to download later, which songs you've asked Siri about, and will check out you iTunes and Radio listens for some specific suggestions for you.
  • Customized Mail functions - Instead of the "swipe" function on mail just giving you a "delete" or "archive" option, you now can add more than just one option - and customize it to boot.  It also acts a bit smarter as well, grabbing all related messages in a conversation, no matter where they are.
  • Individual app battery hog meter - Wonder why your battery is getting totally destroyed? iOS8 boasts an extremely helpful battery hog indicator for your individual apps.  It will give you a percentage of battery usage per app, so you know if you need to turn off Instagram or maybe just stop playing Ruzzle to conserve some battery.
  • Notes with Pics - You can now add pictures to your Notes.  So that's cool.
  • Location-Based Lock Screens - The notification screen just got a whole lot classier with its location-based lock screens.  This means if you're passing by, say, a Starbucks, a teeny icon will appear on the lower left hand of your screen - AND if you swipe up the icon, you'll open an app to make a purchase there.
  • Here's an extensive article on all of the hidden features (thanks Gizmodo!)