App of the Week – NPR One

Published on October 16, 2017

Looking to stay abreast of the latest in news, music, and culture, whether you’re sitting on a train, going on a jog, or making dinner?

There’s no better source for even-handed, informative discussion about what’s going on in the world than public radio – and the NPR One app is the latest and greatest way to get it!

Billing itself as “public radio made personal,” the NPR One app is an easy way to connect to everything NPR has to offer. And we do mean everything.

Listeners can use the app to browse through a ton of offerings, from news stories to podcasts. As you listen to stories, you can highlight what you like and skip what you don’t, allowing the app to automatically curate a stream of music, podcasts, and stories perfectly calibrated to your unique tastes, ready for you to explore anywhere, at any time. Looking for something specific? You can also search out programs and individual pieces of content using the app’s intuitive interface.

Even better, you can also use NPR One to listen in to your local NPR station, even if you’re halfway across the country, meaning that all of the expats who flock to Chicago never need to go without their hometown newscasts.

The app also boasts a ton of handy features that put it leaps and bounds ahead of your conventional terrestrial radio, including the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward through content; share stories with other listeners, and even set a “sleep timer” by choosing from one of five pre-set options.

Ready to try out the app that “makes the listening experience smarter and more engaging,” according to Recode? You can download the NPR One app for free right now for iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices. What are you waiting for? Get listening!

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