App of the Week – PaperKarma

Published on March 16, 2016

Junk mail isn’t just an annoyance clogging up your mail box; all of the paper that goes into the unwanted fliers, magazines, and advertisements you receive (and, let’s be honest, instantly throw away) is also taking a major toll on the environment.

Now there’s an easy way to take control of your mailbox, thanks to PaperKarma!

With the app, available for iPhone and Android devices, you can stem the tide of unwanted junk mail with little more than your smartphone camera.

Here’s how it works: All you need to do is snap a picture of any unwanted mail, including catalogues, coupon books, or credit card offers. From there, just upload the image to PaperKarma, select “unsubscribe,” and then the app will do the rest, sorting through its enormous database to remove your name and address from the spam sender’s mailing list.

You can also use PaperKarma to research who’s sending you the mail in the first place. Use the app to track the mail you’ve submitted and watch as PaperKarma identifies and eliminates it, or learn what information the company has on file about the senders.

Ready to set up your own “do not call” list for junk mail and see your paper waste go down each and every month? PaperKarma is available as a free install for Apple and Android products.

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