Gadget of the Week – Plume

Published on August 9, 2018

Ever feel pigeonholed by your WiFi carrier and wish there was a new way to stream your favorite shows or sift through emails?

Plume Adaptive WiFi, a subscription based service, promises to change the way you think about and use the internet at home.

Plume wants to adapt to your space and lifestyle” through self-optimized high-speed WiFi. So, what exactly do they mean?

For Plume, self-optimizing WiFi entails creating multiple access points spread around your home, instead of using a singular router. This allows for more widespread coverage, and is achieved through the placement of hexagonal silver “pods” that you can place in as many or as few rooms as you need.

The pods are small, sleek, and attractive devices that can be placed wherever you may need a strong WiFi boost around your home or office. You can choose from multiple packages; each Plume set differs on the number of pods and SuperPod tri-band routers, depending on the size of your home and how many rooms you’d like to have WiFi access in.

After setting up and connecting your pods, Plume will begin to learn the habits of your and your family’s WiFi use, including when and where you most use the internet, in order to create an optimized WiFi bandwidth experience.

On the Plume app, you’ll be able to monitor the bandwidth and internet speed, as well as customize who can access your WiFi network, the amount of time they can spend on it, and so on.

The price point for Plume varies, as you can choose to select an annual plan for $60 or a lifetime subscription for $200.

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