Three Powerful Upgrades to Add Value to Your Website

Published on June 22, 2016

It’s never too late to add a little flair and function to your website! Whether you’re considering a total overhaul or simply adding new functionality, there’s never been a better time to take a fresh look at your brand’s web page.

Considering a redesign? Here are three easy, amazingly effective upgrades to consider now:

1.) Refresh Your Visual Design

One of the most compelling things about websites as art is that certain design elements go in and out of fashion, just as in clothing or music. A site from a few years ago may already feel slightly “off” or outdated to our eyes today (to say nothing of those magical websites from decades ago that are still somehow still online).

With that said, there are a few techniques that are fundamental, and it’s never too late to put them in action for your brand’s web presence. First, consider the use of white space: Redesigning your site with minimalism in mind can lead to huge gains in engagement. Don’t think of it as “empty” space, think of it as a clear, easy-to-follow site free of unnecessary distractions.

And when you do employ color, consider a redesign that uses color more strategically. Rather than using a wide array of colors, stick to a few core, complementary shades to create a clean site and a distinct look for your brand. Speaking of branding, take the opportunity to reconsider your font: A small choice - like switching to a clean, easy-to-read sans serif text - can make an enormous impact on your brand’s identity, and give you a boost on mobile devices. Speaking of which…

2.) Remember, Mobile Design is Key

While we wouldn’t say that desktops are dead (yet), there’s no question that mobile optimization has never been more important: Mobile media consumption makes up more than half of all digital media consumption in the US, and mobile users make up more than half of all ecommerce traffic, with 90% of web users reporting switching between multiple devices to research and make a purchase.

With that in mind, it’s key that your next website revamp makes mobile design and responsiveness a priority; without it, you’ll actually be losing organic traction with search engines, on top of losing a huge chunk of valuable leads.

Just what can web development pros do to help make your site a mobile masterpiece? They’ll know and use the golden rules of mobile design and functionality, including an emphasis on visual simplicity, streamlined platform continuity, and intuitive navigation and user experiences in the place of “endless scrolling.”

And while we’re on the subject of user experiences, it may be time to…

3.) Rethink Your Call to Action (With New Functionality)

Your site may be beautiful and intuitive, you may have an SEO-focused blog with plenty of shareable, high quality content. Heck, you may have even made your site into an amazing multimedia experience, complete with social video or fun visual content like galleries, maps, or images that effectively guide your readers’ gaze.

But just what is all of this content doing to help your website convert visitors into customers?

In the end, it all comes down to your Call to Action (CTA), the section of your site that allows you to accomplish your online goals. A content marketing-focused web developer should be able to help you with all sorts of tricks for optimizing your CTA, including finding the perfect placement and crafting engaging, effective copy.

Perhaps more importantly, talk with your content team about just what your CTA should be, what it should accomplish: Do you want visitors to buy your product? To download your free content? To shoot you an email for follow-up information? To join your newsletter list? To follow you on social media? All of these are good, productive goals, and it’s important to work with a developer who’s able to help you achieve them with all sorts of modern tools, including integrated scheduling tools and responsive contact forms.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to refresh your website with new multimedia content, a responsive, mobile-friendly interface, and an effective CTA. A little tender loving care for your website now can make a huge difference for your business down the line!

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