App of the Week – Rain Sounds

Published on September 14, 2017

Countless writers and artists have expressed their love for the sound of rain over the years. In fact, filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro – a true geek if ever there was one – actually has a “rain room” built into his Bleak House studio. Using light projections and sound effects, Del Toro has created a work space where it feels as though it is raining, 24/7.

And who can blame him? Rain is the perfect white noise – reassuring, soothing, and just a little bit atmospheric and creepy, all at once.

Now, most of us won’t have the resources to make our own private “rain rooms.” But in the meantime, anyone looking to use the sound of rain to study, sleep, or just block out that annoying Starbucks playlist while they work out of office can turn to a “rain sounds” app.

For Android devices, our favorite rainy app is the aptly titled Rain Sounds, which offers high quality rain audio for every situation, offering up options including “Perfect Storm,” “Evening Lake,” and “Rain on Window.” Even better, each immersive soundscape is also fully customizable; you can adjust the volume, the frequency of thunder strikes, and even toggle background music on and off. Using the app to fall asleep? You can also set up a timer so that the sounds automatically cease after a certain period of time.

For iOS, the Geek seal of approval goes to the Rain Rain app, which also offers a huge variety of audio settings, as well as the ability to mix and match multiple tracks for a completely personalized experience. Want to listen to, say, thunder, rain, and a crackling fire all at once? You can create that soundscape!

Ready to put the power of rain to work for your next study or sleep session? Both of these apps are available to download for free right now. Give them a try today!  

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