Gadget of the Week – Scientific Magnetic Space Putty

Published on January 26, 2017

Slinky may be passé, but putty is here to stay.

At least, we’ll always be interested if it’s as cool and high tech as Scientific Magnetic Space Putty, from Tytan Products.

Just like the putty you played with as a kid, this space putty is endlessly roll-able, stretchable, squeezable, moldable, bounce-able, and easy to break into multiple little bits. So what makes it cooler than your old toy? To paraphrase one Jesse Pinkman: “Magnets, bro! YEAH!”

This viscoelastic material is “embedded with magnetic properties,” so you can use it like blue tack to hang photos or items on your fridge, or just stick it to your desk or window for easy access. What’s more, this little ball’s sleek metallic look means it’s the perfect accessory for your office at work or home; you can squeeze it or smoosh it to relieve stress all day, without ever having to explain why you’ve got a ball of green goo in your office.

Ready to get your hands on this sleek, chic, slimy toy of the future? You can purchase a two-pack of Scientific Magnetic Space Putty for $14.99 through StackSocial or Amazon.

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