Send Video Messages to Friends and Family on Facebook

Published on June 7, 2011

Often overlooked, Facebook allows users to record and share video messages with their Friends (capital "F", as in, anyone to whom you're connected, not just people you really like).  Online software makers and service providers like ooVoo,, and EyeJot advertise the ability to do this with their products, but most of us are already Facebook users, and if you're like me, you forgot this functionality existed, or you simply never knew.


Simply go into the Messages function within Facebook, and click the camera icon located under the message input box.  A small video box will pop up, and you'll be asked for Facebook's permission to access your camera and microphone.  You'll be prompted to start and stop the video, then click send.

It's that simple!

[Richard Roeper seemed like an appropriate choice, given that he watches lots and lots of videos. ;) ]