Sharing is Caring: How To Make Your Content More Sharable

Published on July 31, 2015

Imagine that you've invited all of your friends over for dinner and sat them down to a meal that you spent the day preparing. As they begin to reach for the food, you suddenly realize that there are no serving utensils at the table. Some of your buddies look a little squeamish as the less shy folks dig in with their bare hands. Nevertheless, most of the food winds up being left behind and your party a bit of bust. You're left with a reputation as the hostess with intentions? 

Your Business is That Party 

You can think of your site's content as the spread at this dinner party and your social media as the serving utensils. If you don't provide your readers with a chance to serve up your new blog post and share it with the world, how do expect your audience to grow? Here are our favorite strategies to ensure that your social media is functioning at high level as you kick off your campaigns:

1.Give Your Facebook and LinkedIn Posts Check-Ups

Nobody likes sharing a post that looks sloppy on their personal page. It's embarrassing and makes your business look bad. Try sharing one of your own posts and make sure this shared content clearly conveys a titlethumbnail image, and description (metadata). 

You can use the Open Graph editing functions on Facebook and Twitter to fix these elements on your posts if they're presenting issues.

If you're one of the many who are left scratching their heads over how to use LinkedIn, this LinkedIn 101 for Business Professionals is a great place to start.

2. Implement a Twitter Handle

When it comes to the world of 140 characters, you are your Twitter handle. Add your business' Twitter handle to the end of all of your tweets so you can track where your posts go and engage with your followers. People want to engage with your business and feel appreciated for participating, and this gives you a chance to build those relationships. 

3. Start Pinning

Among Millennials, Pinterest use is growing at a faster rate than both Snapchat and Instagram. And, because there are also plenty of ways to optimize your boards for increased SEO efficiency, we think it's a great way to begin a social marketing campaign on Pinterest.

You can also use powerful images to harness the value of a thousand words. Let your pins tell a story about who runs your business and where you want it to go.

Whether you're just starting to find readership or looking to experiment with different methods of producing content, social media should be the first place you look. If you have questions along the way, follow our newsletter or drop us a line