Gadget of the Week – Crafthouse Smoking Box

Published on February 22, 2018

From barbecue to burgers to booze, everything tastes better with a little bit of smoke.

But for years, the delicious, smoky flavor available in drinks at speakeasies and other serious watering holes was all-but impossible to attain in your own home kitchen.

Enter The Smoking Box, part of the Crafthouse collection by Fortessa. This visually stunning piece of equipment promises to let everyone add rich, smoky depth to their favorite cocktails – no mixology certification required!

The Smoking Box looks like a small glass cube, and comes complete with a hand-held smoker and a starter pack of wood smoking chips. To add a brand new layer of complexity to your favorite cocktail, just put the cocktail glass inside the box and pipe in smoke using the smoking gun.

As it sits inside the smoking box, the drink will absorb all those delicious flavors and aromas, and then… you get to guzzle all that deliciousness down!

Perhaps the best part about the Crafthouse system is that it’s so simple that it encourages experimentation. You can mix up your choice of wood chips, vary the length of time you smoke your drink, or even add crushed herbs and other aromatics as you see fit.

Even better, if the urge to cook something hearty and flavorful overtakes you (maybe after a glass or two of whiskey), you can also use your Smoking Box system to smoke meats and other foods, in addition to beverages. Just be sure to hand clean the unit with mild soap and water between uses, and you’ll be good to go!

Ready to add a modern pop to your next old fashioned? Looking to add a misty finish to your tequila sunrise? You can purchase The Smoking Box system from a variety of retailers, including Amazon and Williams-Sonoma, for about $250.

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