Gadget of the Week – Snappy Selfie Remote

Published on February 10, 2016

Let's take a moment to consider the selfie. Is there any better way to boost your ego than a well-lit, slightly-filtered, and oh-so-posed self-portrait? Sure, you could probably go exercise (whatever that means) or give your mom a call, but will either of those really give you the same amount of emotional comfort as Kelvin or Lark? 

While Kim Kardashian's book of selfies didn't exactly convince us of the form's artistic merits, there is a certain level of skill necessary to crafting a good shot. If you're in the mood to up your selfie-game, take a chance on the Snappy Selfie Remote, a sweet little nugget of Bluetooth technology that could take your smartphone camera from geek to chic.

According to the device's website, Snappy has a 10 meter radius (about 30 ft in 'merica units) and comes with a prop-up stand to keep your phone as steady as a determined paparazzo. It's also wireless and ready for the road. With the remote's capabilities, taking a party picture or smiling for a holiday card with a bunch of rowdy family members can be as simple as pressing a button. The best news? Snappy comes in three different colors and costs less than $25; consider it a wise investment in your career as an Instagram-celeb. Now, follow Madonna's orders and "strike a pose."

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