App of the Week – Stanley Floor Plan

Published on October 12, 2016

There are all sorts of apps that sound niche or odd on paper. Maybe you even scoff at them. But the first time you open and use that odd little app, it opens your eyes and makes you wonder how you ever made do without it in the first place.

For architects, interior designers, real estate agents, or anyone else in need of a quick, accurate blueprint, the Stanley Floor Plan app is one of those life-changing discoveries.

What makes it so special? The Stanley app allows anyone to quickly size up and create a virtual home map, using little more than the camera on a smartphone or tablet. Just measure the dimensions of the room with your device, and the app automatically creates an accurate digital representation of your space.

From there, you can finesse your virtual blueprint: Combine and organize multiple rooms to set up the floor plan for an entire home; arrange furniture, windows, or other objects within the space; easily add titles, notes, or overlays; and quickly share your plans online or export them in a variety of formats, including PDF, JPG, and Excel files.

For hardcore home nerds, you can also effortlessly sync up the Stanley app on your mobile device with a Stanley laser-distance measuring tool, giving your hardware even greater functionality – and ensuring a totally accurate measurement, every time.

Ready to ditch the measuring tape for good? The Stanley Floor Plan app is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices.

Have an experience using the Stanley app to get ready for an open house? To add a handy blueprint to a Zillow or MLS listing? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Sound off on this or any of your other favorite apps on our Facebook or Twitter pages – here at Geek, we’re always looking for the next great mobile discovery!

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