Gadget of the Week – ‘Star Wars’ Gadget Roundup

Published on September 7, 2016

Have you seen the trailers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story? If not, go do that right now, and then come back. We'll be waiting. 

Ahhh, right? Amazing! Vader?! Droids! The Death Star!

Sorry, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. We just really, really love Star Wars around the Geek Chicago offices. We’ve got a BB-8 rolling around more often than not, and we even think about what the legendary movies still have to teach us about digital marketing. And the obsession doesn’t stop at the office.

Case in point, we recently lost our minds over some of the amazingly cool (and a little bit kitschy) Star Wars gadgets listed over in this great roundup at HiConsumption.

Some of the highlights? How about the R2-D2 USB car charger, the perfectly nerdy way for Geeks on the go to juice up their smartphone or tablet for less than $40?

And speaking of juice, check out the Death Star Tea Infuser, an adorable stainless steel  mold with the power to wipe out an entire planet – erm, we mean, smoothly spread the taste of your favorite loose-leaf tea throughout an entire mug, for just about $20.

And there’s no reason your entire kitchen shouldn’t look like the last outpost of the Old Republic. Surely you can find room for this set of adorable R2 and C-3PO spice shakers ($19.99 through ThinkGeek) or this wacky, cool, and practical R2 measuring cup set ($12 via Amazon).

What are you waiting for, young Padawan? Hit hyper-drive with us!

Got any other amazing gadgets or apps you think our team would go nuts over? Be sure to drop us a line, or reach out over Facebook or Twitter. We always love to hear from our follow nerds!

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