Take a Break From Email with Inbox Pause

Published on January 16, 2014

In the 21st century, chances are you get a deluge of emails every day.  Important or not important, an active inbox can be a little bit distracting, especially during the work day.

Thankfully there is a neat function brought to us by the creators of previously mentioned Boomerang entitled "Inbox Pause" that gives Gmail users a button to pause their their inbox for however long they want.

You control the flow of messages in your Inbox by this little button:

No need to have your work flow interrupted by a hectic inbox.  Put your inbox on hold by clicking this button while you're working.


Your messages will be held under a special label until you're ready to take a look at them.  A banner will appear at the top of your inbox informing you that your inbox is indeed paused for the time being.

While you're paused, you can also choose to have Inbox Pause notify the people who email you that you will not receive their email immediately.

To turn it off, simply click "unpause" and all of the messages you received during your time away will be moved into your inbox, and messages will continue to arrive as they did before. Neat!

Gmail users can download Inbox Pause here.  Let us know how you enjoy your mini vacation away from your inbox!