Take Advantage of the New Features in iOS8 Messages

Published on September 30, 2014

In the iOS8 update, Messages got a whole bevy of interesting new features that we're excited about, and we're sure you will be too. Here are some of the cool new features you can take advantage of (thanks Lifehacker)!

Quick Reply

When you see a message pop up on your lock screen, you can now reply directly to them there - without opening up the app. When you get a new banner message notification, you can swipe down on the message to reply.

Send Self-Destructing Audio and Video

This new auto-destruct audio and video feature is a nice way to send audio and videos that, well, just don't need to be saved! Hold down the camera icon in Messages and then record your video (or the microphone icon for audio). After 2 minutes, the media will be deleted from both phones.

Sound an awful lot like Snapchat? It's actually a bit different. This audio and video can still be saved by pressing the "Keep" button. The purpose of this feature is mainly to save space in your messages.

Clear Message Threads Automatically

Messages hold on to an awful lot of space on your phone. Now you can set up your phone so this will not be the case.

Go to Settings > Messages > Store Messages. Now you can set how long messages will stay on your phone: 30 days, a year, or forever.

Message Location Sharing

Tap details in your message thread to let others know where you are via "Send My Current Location."

You can also set your messages so that your location will be shared for longer (an hour, until the end of the day, indefinitely.) There isn't a confirmation screen, so once you select it, it will be on.

View All Attachments from a Conversation Thread

Much like you can see in Google Hangouts, Messages now allows you to see all the attachments you've sent and received to a specific person. Click on "Details" - at the bottom of the screen, you'll see all of the attachments.

Name a Group Message Thread... and Leave One

Group messages have gotten more organized with this update. You can now name your group of contacts in a message. Tap the message thread; tap "Details"; swipe down to reveal the "subject" section; name your thread.

You can also (hallelujah!) leave a message thread behind. Scroll to the bottom of details again; select "Leave this Conversation."

Do Not Disturb Message Threads

Mute a specific conversation or two with this new feature. Head to Details on any specific message thread and select "Do Not Disturb." You won't receive any messages in the thread until you turn it back on.

Edit/Delete Multiple Threads at Once

Cleaning out your phone inbox manually became a bit easier with the ability to edit and delete multiple messages at once. Select the "Edit" button in Messages, and tap the messages you'd like to delete.