Everyday Technology for the Non-Geek

Published on May 31, 2011

Everyday Technology for the Non-Geek is our core curriculum - a six-session course that can be taken in entirety, or students may opt to take individual classes a la carte. The entire six-session course is available for less than $400, when you enroll in the session! Or "Like" our Facebook page and get an additional 5% off!

Why do we use technology? Efficiency, communication, entertainment, portability... and sometimes, because we don't have a choice.  Let technology work for you.

Don't Stress, Simplify!

Curriculum (Class "weeks" are also available a la carte on our sign-up page):

Please contact us for information on upcoming classes!

Class 1 - Key Concepts

  • PC Basics - where are my files?Installing software. Making web browsers work for you.
  • Safe computing - backup your stuff without the stress. Protect and organize your passwords. Use wireless internet safely.

Class 2 -Communication Part 1

  • All about email - Your email address. Sync'ing across your platforms, using attachments
  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) - What is it?How can I call for free?

Class 3 -Communication Part 2

  • Social media- networking, instant messaging, collaboration.
  • Outbound communication - blogging, Twitter, and more!

Class 4 - Organize Your Life - Digitally!

  • Information in the cloud - access your contacts and calendar from anywhere. Share calendars with family and friends. Use word processor and spreadsheets for free, from anywhere.
  • Getting help - there's so much to know. Where do I find answers to all my tech questions?
  • Continuing Education - learning online.

Class 5 -Tablet Computing, More Social Media

  • Benefits and Drawbacks - What do they do well?  Where are they lacking? What can I do about it.
  • Use them to the fullest - productivity and apps. Protecting your tablet.
  • How to use Social Media to connect with friends, prospective employers, and to generate business!

Class 6 - Media and Entertainment

  • Getting digital - putting music, pictures, and movies into the right format.  Organizing your media.
  • Storing your digital media - how much space do I need?  Where can I access it?  How do I take it on the road?


All of our classes meet in the Geek | Chicago offices at:
4001 N Ravenswood
STE 503C
Chicago, IL 60613

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