Technology for Realtors

Published on June 1, 2011

Technology for realtors is a work in progress for Geek | Chicago.  

We have trained hundreds of agents under our own banner, and for other organizations, like Rich Casto & Company. Though our Tech for Realtors offering isn't available at this time, agents have found our Technology for the Non-Geek offering invaluable.  

Jeff Linton of Baird and Warner said:

...topics ranged from computer basics to websites (Dropbox) that can back up your data, to information/ organization systems (Gmail, Google Voice, Thunderbird) to the features to look for in a good tablet and so on.  What was refreshing for me as someone who did not grow up with technology was Jason's understandable presentation of a complex topic.  It was time well spent and I would recommend the class to anyone who wants to better understand and utilize technology to be more efficient in their business, whether proficient in technology or a relative novice.

Geek | Chicago offers web design and one-on-one coaching to professionals in the Real Estate industry.  Just ask us.  We alo provide our Digital Valet Services to those who need help with their technology setup and devices.