The New iWatch May Not Ship Until 2015

Published on September 5, 2014

The iWatch has been amazingly elusive from press leaks, especially leading up to the anticipated September 9th release. As we've now found out from Recode, there's a good reason: the iWatch (or whatever the name will end up being) isn't actually expected to hit the shelves until 2015.

Are we surprised? Maybe a little, as this means Apple won't be putting their new product on the shelves in time for the holiday shopping season (although with a the iPhone 6 on the shelf, they shouldn't have too much trouble.)

Actually, the wait itself seems to stick with Apple's usual strategy when it comes to unveiling big products. As the Verge chronicles, Apple announced the iPhone in January 2007, while the product itself didn't ship until June 2007. The iPad has a three-month wait between its January 2010 unveil and launching in March 2010.

Apple places a lot on the element of surprise, as Tim Cook has frequently mentioned. This delay between the announcement and shipping puts a damper on any potential leaks from the manufacturing plant/FFC, and allows plenty of time for a second ramp up to the launch day.

In short? We'll see the newest Apple wearable in 2 weeks - but you'll probably only be wearing it next year.