The Smartphone Generation is Boosting Media Consumption

Published on December 11, 2014

Rush hour feels quiet on the CTA these days, everyone glued to their smartphones in one way or another.

It isn't an illusion. A recent report from Business Insider revealed compelling statistics about US Consumer Media Consumption.

While TV, Online, Radio, Print, and Other forms of media consumption have seen decline since 2009, Mobile media consumption is on a steady upward trend, with particular spikes in 2013 and 2014.

Take a look at this recent chart from Business Insider:

Media Consumption Chart (Business Insider)

What does this mean for small business marketing?

The importance of a mobile-optimized website is higher now than ever before. There is now an extremely high chance of your website being access via smartphone or tablet rather than at a laptop or desktop.

Optimizing your website for both computer and mobile devices looks a little something like this. Responsive text boxes and images are just the start of mobile optimization. Companies like ours can help develop your website into a highly functional website with mobile compatibility.

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