The Top 5 Windows Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

Published on June 5, 2014

There are some incredible Windows apps out there that just don't seem to get nearly enough attention.  These 5 programs, recently heralded by Lifehacker, are just too great to be left unnoticed - we agree.  Keep these top 5 apps ready for the occasions you'll need them.  You won't regret it.

5. Wireless Network Watcher

Now and then, you'll want to check up on your wireless network - whether that means you're planning your own network out or you're certain your upstairs neighbor is stealing your Wi-Fi, Wireless Network Watcher is your best friend.  Use it at home, or on the road!

4. Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder

So you've found your old Sims 2 CD floating around and decide you're going to take a ride down memory lane on your new(ish) computer, only to find you don't have access to your product key in order to complete your installation.  D'oh!  Thankfully, this program can track it down for you on an old install so you can access it and install away.  Crisis averted. [Beware of bloatware packaged with this install.]

3. The Ultimate Windows Tweaker

If you're a perfectionist like me, chances are customization is important to you.  With the Ultimate Windows Tweaker program, you'll be able to set up everything just the way you like it.  This program is really able to tweak just about everything, from your taskbar to Windows Explorer to your lock screen. (Of course, back up your computer before you start tweaking too much, in the event that you don't know how to retrace your actions.)

2. WinDirStat

When your computer reaches that inevitable point, saying, "You're out of storage space," its time to clean it out.  WinDirStat can give you detailed specifics to start your process, scanning all of your disks and showing you specific files, folders, and disks that are being space hogs.  If you've already tried Disk Cleanup without much success, WinDirStat adds an extra layer of intensive and specific cleaning that will help get you back in working order.  The biggest help?  It will identify the biggest diskspace hogs (old file archives? A movie you'll never watch again?) and allow you to uninstall them, freeing up that precious space.  [Bonus: Mac users, we like Disk Inventory X to do the same thing!]

1. Sandboxie

Ranked #1 on Lifehacker's list as well, Sandboxie is your playground for your, well, more "questionable" files.  We don't need to know just WHAT you're doing over there, but remember to use protection when you're opening these types of files.  Sandboxie will keep these files from going rogue and infecting your Windows system.

Oh, and it does have some "Quick Recovery" functions as well.  Its also great for straight up testing apps, or running multiple instances of an app.  Who can go wrong?

Have a favorite app we missed?  Let us know in the comments!