App of the Week – Triller

Published on May 24, 2018

A lot of people like to complain that there’s no music on MTV anymore.

After all, as your Gen X uncle loves to remind you, the network began its life as “Music Television,” and rose to prominence sharing music videos from artists from all sorts of backgrounds. Now it’s all about reality shows, with music videos (basically) nowhere to be found on the channel.  

But here’s the thing… Despite what the geezers think, music videos haven’t died. They’ve just become more collaborative, and they’ve moved online. And that’s all thanks to services like YouTube, Instagram, and our spotlight app of the week: Triller.

Equal parts video creator and social media platform, Triller bills itself as a way for anyone to “create flawless, Al-powered music videos.”

More than 25 million people – including a lot of celebrities – already use the app to generate fun, high-quality videos, perfect for sharing online. So, why do so many people use (and love) Triller? Our guess: It’s unbelievably easy to put to work, and even total novices can complete their first video in just minutes.

Just use the app to choose a song from Triller’s exhaustive music library. Then, using your smartphone, you can film as many takes as you want straight to the Triller app; you can also upload smartphone footage that you’ve taken earlier by importing your existing videos.

From there, Triller’s impressive software does the rest, automatically formatting your raw takes into a seamlessly edited video, which you can share on the platform, or easily cross-post to your social network of choice. You can also go even further, and deck out your final product with filters, emojis, special effects, and more.

When you’re not busy making your own videos, you can scroll through Triller’s community of creators and discover new videos, songs, or engagement challenges to take part in. The app also makes it easy to collaborate with your friends, and make a group video in no time.

Ready to get started creating, sharing, and discovering the next generation of iconic music videos? You can download Triller for free for iOS and Android devices, with in-app purchases available.

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