App of the Week – TripIt

Published on June 8, 2016

For Geeks on the go, TripIt may be the ultimate traveler's companion. 

Boasting itself as “the travel app that keeps up with you,” TripIt helps busy travelers keep their itineraries up-to-date, organized, and easy to access from anywhere. Simply forward your confirmation and booking emails to your TripIt account, and the app automatically creates a master itinerary that you can check on any device, share with your colleagues or family, and sync with your calendar.

TripIt also allows users to maintain a “Traveler’s Profile,” which lets you keep your most important information – including your ID, driver’s license, and emergency contact list – on hand and protected by a PIN.

For those looking for extra features, including real time flight alerts, access to alternate travel plans, reward points-tracking, and a totally ad-free mobile experience, TripIt also offers a “Pro” version for $4.09 a month.

For most casual business travelers or avid vacationers, the free app will be more than enough, particularly when combined with many of the other great travel apps at your disposal, like SkipLagged or Hopper. Ready to store all of your travel plans in one place? TripIt is available for download for iOS and Android devices.

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