Twitter Now Adds Attachments Through Your Hashtags

Published on September 4, 2014

Think you've finally grasped the nuances of hashtagging? Think again. Twitter has changed the game slightly with their latest addition.

Twitter is now using some hashtags as an excuse to attach a video or image to your message - aka, as an excuse to attached a paid advertisement to your message.

An example of this from Endgaget's latest report includes an ABC promotion for their new TV comedy "Selfie" - if you compose a message with #SelfieABC, users will now be asked if they want to attach the TV show's first episode right there within the Tweet.


Don't worry, Twitter still asks permission before attaching these objects

Thankfully, these attachments aren't done automatically without your consent. You'll still have to manually "attach" the suggested video or image within the Tweet.

So far its also looking like this is really only iOS compatible for now, but it is likely we'll see this on Android before long.

What do you think? Is this a good direction for hashtags to go in, or is it unnecessary?