App of the Week – Untappd

Published on December 7, 2017

From dark porters and stouts to bracing, hoppy IPAs, there’s a beer out there for every taste – and Untappd is the app for the drinker who wants to try them all!

Billing itself as the way to “drink socially,” Untappd offers a variety of interesting features, making it suitable for those at every level of beer snobbery. Whether you’re just looking to crack open a cold one or find the highest-rated pour at your local craft bar, Untappd will be able to help you discover the perfect drink.

At its core, Untappd is about tracking and reviewing the beers you taste so that you can instantly recall them later. You can use the app to rate and review the beers you’ve gotten, creating your own personal drinking diary; you can also set up alerts, so that you’re notified when a beer you love is available at a bar or liquor store near you.

And, if you need an incentive to have another pint, Untappd really does emphasize the social aspect of beer drinking; not only does the app allow you to see what your friends are recording on their personal lists, but it also lets you unlock accomplishments and badges as you grow your own collection and expand your palette.

And for the beer connoisseur looking to discover something new? Untappd also lets users explore the breweries, bars, and events that are nearby at any given time; you can also use the app’s search features to peruse its exhaustive catalog, whether you’re searching for a top-rated beer, a particular brewery, or even a specific can you’ve all-but-forgotten.

And, after a long night of downing and listing beers? You can even use Untappd to hail a ride home!

There’s a reason that Untappd has been called one of the “5 apps that beer lovers need on their phone.” Truly, the creators of Untappd have thought of everything!

It’s the definitive app for novice and experienced beer drinkers alike, and you can get started with it right now. Untappd is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices; you will need to create an account to get started.

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